Wedding Jewellery Essentials For Every Indian Bride

Any type of bridal look is incomplete without a set of traditional jewellery. It is even better if that is a set of wedding diamond jewellery. There is a term that you may have heard of-solah sringar, which translates to 16 types of wedding jewellery. These are meant to adorn every part of a bride’s body from head to toe. However, a modern bride will always want to do it differently and keep it sober.

They prefer a minimal look over very heavy makeup or jewellery. The mantra now is to wear statement jewellery with very classy attire, and you will get precisely all that you would want for a beautiful wedding. A modern bride will hardly care about wearing all the 16 pieces of wedding jewellery. The priority for brides nowadays is the comfort of their look and wearing only the right things. These are mostly some classic pieces of jewellery that someone buys from a favourite store.

In this blog, we have listed some of the most common pieces of jewellery that a modern Indian bride will want. Moreover, all of these pieces feature the most premium quality lab-grown diamonds from the very stylish diamond jewellery online house. Let’s now check out the list to help you get going with the wedding preparations.

P.S. You might want to buy all of these because they are so beautiful!

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